rules & safety

Leisure Lagoon

indoor playground

  • Waiver must be signed before entrance

  • Please follow all the rules marked throughout the playground

  • Take off your shoes

  • Grip socks must be worn in inflatable area at all times

  • Please make sure your child is free of any sickness that could infect other children

  • All kids must be supervised by parent(s), guardian(s) or care taker(s) at all times. No drop offs

  • No gum, food or drinks allowed inside the play space

  • No sharp objects, strollers, toys and wearable accessories are allowed inside play space.

  • No reckless play. No flips, somersaults, or other stunts

  • Your safety is our top priority. Therefore, play monitors will be available at all times for assistance

  • If you are found breaking any rules, play monitors have the right to escort You out of the play space

  • Be careful, You play at your own risk!


Aerial Rope Course

Recommended Age: 10 and above (Please read below for under 10 years age)

Reach Recommendation: 4’7” or 140 cm

Recommended Max. weight: up to 175 lbs

  • If above criteria is not met, Parents/Guardians have to give their verbal consent for child to be able to use the rope course. Participants under 7 years must be accompanied by a supervision on the course.
  • Every person entering the course must sign a waiver

  • Wear: athletic, form-fitting clothing (no skirts)

  • Shoes: closed toes sturdy shoes (no sandals, flip-flops or snow-boots)

  • Hair: Long hair tied back and out of the face

  • Absolutely no items (scarves, jewelry, etc) allowed to be carried on the course

  • Participants must be in good health, not subject to dizziness or motion sickness, must be free from high blood pressure, free from heart, back or neck problems, must not be pregnant

  • Zero tolerance for alcohol and drug use

  • Wait for the person ahead of you to finish the activity before you begin

  • No food, drinks or gum will be allowed on the course

  • Reckless behavior on the course is dangerous and will not be tolerated – including tampering or improper use of equipment

  • Use the washroom before entering the course

  • Please be considerate of guests below the course

  • Rules of “On-the-Fly” must be adhered to at all times, staff are empowered to remove any guest for their or others safety.

The Happy Bumper

interactive bumper cars

Driver- No Passenger:

Minimum Height 36"

Minimum age: 5 years old

Driver – With Passenger:

Minimum Height 60 inches (or a Parent)

Minimum age: 18 years old (or a Parent)

Buddy Passenger (Child Passenger Seat):

Minimum Age: 3 years old

Maximum Age: 7 years old

  • Maximum of 2 passenger in one car

  • No loose articles are allowed

  • Safety restraint must be worn at all time

  • Keep Hand on steering wheels

  • Keep Feet on paddles

  • No food or drinks allowed

  • Do not stand or step on bumper car tubes  

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